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HBO planea un remake de Yo Claudio para 2013

HBO to remake classic miniseries 'I, Claudius' - NYPOST.com

HBO is remaking the classic miniseries "I, Claudius" for sometime in 2013, according to reports over the weekend.

The TV series first aired in 1976 starring Derek Jacobi as Claudius and became one of public TV's biggest all-time hits.

The new version will be produced by the same team that created "Rome" for the pay-TV giant in 2005.

"I, Claudius" is a historical drama covering the rise of the Roman empire from Julius Caesar's assassination to the popular ouster of Caligula.

The new series will also cover the time span in the second book, "Claudius the God."

HBO had been trying for several years to get the remake rights to the series, according to initial reports.

There's no word on who will star in the series.


¿Calcio Florentino o Club de la Lucha de la Piazza Santa croce?

La referencia a los gladiadores es más descriptiva que histórica, pero aún y así, lo del Calcio Florentino tiene pinta de ser duro, pero que muy duro (que conste que yo jugaba a Rugby)...

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