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Leyendo el pasado...

Woman readingDavid H. Brown reading the paper: Eastpoint, FloridaA captivated audience, 1948A mobile library providing books to rural areas, 1947A World Poetry Day function in Sydney, 19631992.002.0178
Portrait of a woman seated in a gardenTwo children sitting on a setteeMan with book sitting in chairRepatriantenTheophile SchneiderWork with schools : a 'private' lesson, child showing someth...
Woman reads as baby sleepsOld hermit Roy Ozmer reading a book at his house: Pelican Key, Florida'A Dame's School'Woman reading, 2003Women and girls reading near swingset where younger children...Star pupil, 82 years old, reading her lesson in adult class,...

Reading the Past, a gallery by Kate the Archivist on Flickr.

... una curiosa serie de fotografías antiguas de gente leyendo.

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